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With the City Tour you get to tour from city to city on the island St. Maarten/St. Martin in a 2,5 hour tour with our friendly, courteous and gregarious drivers in our comfortable and air-conditioned coaches. The City to City Tour offers two cities on one island with influences reminiscent of Amsterdam, Holland, and of Paris, France, concentrated on one small Caribbean island.

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Want to get an up-close-and-personal tour of St. Maarten/St. Martin?
Want to see where residents live, shop and go to school?

Our City Tour takes you to the friendly, residential side of the island, away from large stores and bright nightlife.

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Starting in Philipsburg, our drivers show you the Little Bay and Belair districts, and then to the Harold Jack Lookout Point on Cole Bay Hill.

Our drivers then take you to Cole Bay, one of biggest districts on Dutch St. Maarten or French St. Martin that’s both residential and commercial. Watch for the change.

Enjoy miles of undeveloped wild country in Bellevue as our drivers take you the French side’s Marigot capital.
Explore French boutiques, cafes and stores in Marigot as you immerse yourself in the perfect French Caribbean ambiance that only St. Martin provides.

Forty-five minutes later, the tour continues past the hillside villages of Cripple Gate and Friars Bay, past Colombier and Rambeau and to La Savanne, known for its fantastic view of Anguilla in the distance.

Next is the quaint Grand Case fishing village, which is two towns in one. Grand Case is the dining capital of French St. Martin.

Our drivers take you past the regional airfield of L”Esperance Airport through the commercial and industrial French Cul-de-Sac district all the way to Orient Bay, with its famous Nude Beach. Enjoy the view in a 20-minute rest stop there where you can soak in the views of Pinel Island – just off the shore – and Flat Island (Tintemarre) in the distance.

The tour ends with a journey through French Quarter (Quarter d”Orleans) into Dutch Quarter past the cultural and epicurean Belvedere Border Point. Our driver then takes you through Middle Region, Upper and Lower Princess Quarter and Sucker Garden back into Philipsburg.

There you get to decide whether to shop in town or return to the cruise terminal.

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