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With the Circle Island Tour you get to circle the island in a three hour tour with our friendly, courteous and gregarious drivers in our comfortable and air-conditioned coaches. Experience the culture of both Dutch and French St. Maarten/St. Martin and learn why the island has two nations with a lot of Caribbean culture and a little bit of European flavor. Take time out of your cruise vacation to tour the island of St. Maarten in a relaxing way.

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Our Circle-the-Island Tour is perfect for visitors who want to see the true St. Maarten, a seamless blend of rural,colonial past and metropolitan present.
Our DSTA drivers will show all the major districts of both Dutch side and French side in our three-hour, Circle-the-Island Tour. We also walk you through the history that is laced in each town on the island.

Starting in Philipsburg, our drivers show you the historic great Salt Pond.¬†Our drivers then take you to Fort Amsterdam in Little Bay where the Dutch defended the island’s coast from other colonists hundreds of years ago before continuing the one of the best panoramic views on St. Maarten/St. Martin.

You then visit Harold Jack’s Lookout Point on Cole Bay Hill that overlooks the entire “over-the-hill” basin – Gibbs’ Bay, Cole Bay, Cay Bay, Simpson Bay and Cupecoy – in a magnificent panoramic fame, before our driver takes you to see Simpson Bay up close.

With dozens of bars, restaurants, nightclubs and other businesses, Simpson Bay is poised to become the island’s second town. There, you can see the world-famous Princess Juliana International Airport and Sunset Beach Bar. Our airport is the second busiest in the Caribbean. Sunset Beach Bar allows you a uniquely close view of airplanes landing that has earned St. Maarten’s airport a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

DSTA drivers then take you through the luxurious Maho restaurant and hotel district before going to the exclusive Cupecoy district.

All of this culture, history and fun you will experience before even entering French St. Martin.

Try not to blink as you cross the symbolic Dutch-French border into, literally, a whole, new world.

Starting with the upscale Lowlands district, our driver shows you the unique blend of people, places and history that makes St. Maarten/St. Martin the best place in the Caribbean to visit.

In Cupecoy, you can see dozens of multimillion-dollar villas in exclusive and mostly-gated properties. World-famous Harry Belafonte is among the many wealthy owners who have laid claim to this district.

Next is Sandy Ground, which is a rustic vestige of St. Martin’s past.
It is a close-knit town dotted with a few stores and commercial spaces. Enjoy the drive as you are led to Marigot, French St. Martin’s capital.

Spend some time shopping or strolling this busy-yet-peaceful town, in a 45-minute rest stop, before the tour continues to the hillside villages of Cripple Gate and Friar’s Bay, past Colombier and Rambaud, and to La Savanne, known for its fantastic view of Anguilla in the distance.

Next is the quaint Grand Case fishing village, which is two towns in one. Grand Case is the dining capital of French St. Martin. .

Our drivers take you past the regional airfield of L”Esperance Airport through the commercial and industrial French Cul-de-Sac district all the way to Orient Bay, with its famous Nude Beach. Enjoy the views of Pinel Island – just off the shore – and Flat Island (Tintemarre) in the distance in a 20-minute rest stop.

The tour ends with a journey through French Quarter (Quarter d”Orleans) into Dutch Quarter past the cultural and epicurean Belvedere Border Point. Our driver then takes you through Middle Region, Upper and Lower Princess Quarter and Sucker Garden back into Philipsburg.

There you get to decide whether to shop in town or return to the cruise terminal.

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